My Morning Routine! How I Boost Mood and Productivity.

Everybody has their morning routine. Maybe you get up right away and hop in the shower. Maybe you make your coffee first. Maybe you lay in bed on your social media for a half hour before you finally get up! We all have our habits and ways we like to do things. I wanted to share my morning with you as I’ve found that a few adjustments in how I start my day have made me more productive, creative and believe it or not, HAPPIER!

I set my alarm to wake every morning at 6:15. I usually snooze until 6:30 before I actually get out of bed. First thing is first, I make my bed. Not a day goes by that I don’t make my bed as soon as I get out of it. This one small task will set the tone for your day. Within the first 3 minutes of you getting up, you’ve already accomplished one goal. This goal is important as it will boost your productivity for the rest of your day. Mentally you’re already winning! It’s been proven that when you have less to do, you do less with your extra time. Try making it a habit to make your bed as soon as you get up and see what it does for you in terms of satisfaction and productivity. Not to mention aesthetics!

As soon as I finish making my bed, I take 10-15 minutes of stillness to myself. I put my phone on silent, find a comfortable spot on the floor and sit tall with eyes closed. This is a great time to focus on your breath. Slow deep breaths in and slow breaths out to allow ample oxygen to pass through your mind and body while providing your thoughts with clarity. This is your time to release any tension and set an intention. You work hard, you’re always on the go. It’s important to take a moment out of your day to just be. The morning is great for this exercise as it has helped increase creativity and positive thoughts for me. It allows me to focus on what I want to accomplish and envision my goals with clear, uninterrupted thoughts. These 10-15 minutes have had a HUGE impact on my mood and overall efficiency for my day so I rarely ever miss this exercise. I highly recommend to try it!

When I finish this moment, I like to write down my thoughts and goals that I had just envisioned. This takes that idea from a mental to a physical state. In my opinion, when it’s written down, it makes the thought real. It is now in the physical realm for you to see and remind yourself of which is important in terms of following through. Too often we think or tell ourselves what we want and need to do, but as soon as that thought it gone, so is our intent to take action. This little trick of writing it down will help you to keep those ideas present and increase your drive to accomplish what’s been jotted down.

Next, straight to brushing my teeth and washing my face. This part really isn’t interesting at all. We all already do this (HOPEFULLY!). If you don’t, you nasty. That’s all.

Depending on what time I’m working out that day and how I will be training will change what I do next.

If I am lifting in the morning: I will cook a breakfast composed of a complex carb, protein and fat. I will also have some variation of fruit on the side whether it be cantaloupe, an apple or berries. An example of my main meal will be an Ezekiel tortilla, 2 scrambled egg, 4oz of ground turkey or ground chicken and half of an avocado. Another easy choice is 3/4 cups of oats and a protein shake if I need to be quick. Both will provide ample protein and energy for my morning workout.

If I am doing cardio in the morning: I will skip breakfast and do my cardio fasted. I make sure to bring my BCAAs with me to help preserve my muscles while I’m burning calories. This will allow me to keep my muscle mass while cutting fat. I will write a separate article on BCAAs and how they work so you can fully understand the reason I use them and why they’re necessary.

If I am working out in the afternoon: I will do the same as if I am lifting in the morning but a slightly smaller portion. The carbs and fats will help provide fuel and energy to get my day started and keep mental sharpness.

Whether I eat breakfast or not, next step is to get dressed and go about my day! My OCD won’t let me leave with any dishes in my sink so I actually wash everything immediately after eating. I just love coming home and having everything clean and in its place. Is it too much to say I even wipe the water droplets left in the sink after watching the dishes?! lol. I really can’t help it. But anyway, this morning routine has helped me incredibly in so many ways. Like I had mentioned before, I’ve been more productive, more efficient and happier throughout my day! Would love for you to try it and lmk how it works for you!


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